Cost of Membership

    Eastern New York Chapter

    All members must also pay applicable National and Chapter dues.


    Local Dues: $120.00
    Nat'l Dues: $400.00
    Total: $520.00

    Professionals with the following designations or degrees are eligible for regular membership: AEP® CASL®, CEBS®, CFA®, CFP®, ChFC®, CIMA®, CLF®, CLU®, CPA, CPC, CPCU®, CTFA, Enrolled Actuary, Graduate Degree in Financial Services (MS, MSFS, MSM, MBA, PhD), JD, REBC®, RICP® and RHU®. Regular members are entitled to all the rights and responsibilities of membership, including the right to vote and hold office in the Society and its chapters.

    Young Professional

    Local Dues: $60
    Nat'l Dues: $200
    Total: $260

    All members who are age 40 or younger meeting the requirements of Regular or Associate membership can apply for this category.  


    Local Dues: $60.00
    Nat'l Dues: $200.00
    Total: $260.00

    Members who consider themselves retired AND (a) attained 65 yrs. of age and a minimum of 15 yrs. Membership; or (b) their attained age and yrs. of membership add up to 80 or greater. A person who is retired due to a total disability can apply for Disabled membership. Evidence must be submitted that he/she is receiving total disability benefits from a private carrier or Social Security. The requirement for a minimum of 15 years of membership is waived for disabled applicants. Retired members are not included in the Consumer Referral Service.


    Local Dues: $120.00
    Nat'l Dues: $400.00
    Total: $520.00

    A person may qualify for Associate membership if he/she is a financial service professional, is recommended by a regular member in good standing of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, AND meets ANY of the following criteria:

    • Has a minimum of five years’ experience in a financial service-related field, such as life insurance, accounting, estate planning, financial planning, retirement planning, charitable planning, trust management, investment management, wealth accumulation planning, etc.
    • Is enrolled in an educational program leading to the attainment of one of the credentials/degrees meeting the eligibility requirements of regular membership.
    • Holds a Series 6, 7, 63, 65, or 66 securities license.

    Associate members may not vote or hold office, nor may they advertise their membership. 
    Note: Individuals cannot maintain Associate membership status if they are eligible for Regular membership.


    Local Dues: $0.00
    Nat'l Dues: $50
    Total: $50

    Full time undergraduate students in a degree program at an accredited college or university. National dues provide for Web benefits only.

    Premier Membership

    Local Dues: Included
    Nat'l Dues: 1920.00
    Total: $1920.00

    Open to all who meet membership eligibility requirements. Includes national and local dues, the FSP Institute, access to national content and product fees. (Note: does not include Chapter event fees.) For more information visit here or contact Member Services at 800-392-6900 or at [email protected].

    Special Membership Categories

    Member Emeritus

    A Regular member automatically qualifies for this category when they have been a Society member for 50 years or longer. They are given a lifetime membership and dues are waived.